Full Time Faculty | 全职讲师


Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng

Principal | 院长 - Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng 邱和平牧师博士
B. D. (TTC, Singapore) M. Th. (TTC, Singapore) PhD (G–ETS, USA); Areas: Pastoral Theology, Counselling, Old Testament, Exegesis (OT), Wesleyan Theology

Rev Dr Ling Tung Kiing

Academic Dean | 教务主任 - Rev. Dr. Ling Tung Kiing 林忠锦牧师博士
B. Th. (TTC, Singapore) M. Min. (TTC, Singapore) M. Th. (SEAGST) D. Min. (PIU, USA) D. Th. (PIU, USA) D. Miss. (MBTS, Malaysia); Areas: Christian Theology, Missions, Church Discipline, Critical Thinking and Presentation

Rev Ting Huat Ung

Dean of Students | 学生主任 - Rev. Ting Huat Ung 陈发文牧师
B. D. (MTS, Malaysia) M. Th. (TTC, Singapore) 

Rev. Samuel Law Ning Seng

Director of Field Education | 实习教育主任 - Rev. Dato Dr. Su Chii Ann 苏慈安牧师博士 
B.Th. (ABS, Hong Kong) M. Th. (SEAGST) Ph. D (PIU, USA); Areas: New Testament, Pastoral Leadership, Methodism

Rev Dr Angela Ting

Director of TEE/STMS | 延伸神学教育/短宣课程主任 - Rev. Dr. Ting Siew King 陈秀金牧师博士
B. D (TTC, Singapore) M. C. E. (G-ETS, USA) Ed. D. (AGST, Philippines); Areas: Christian Education, Christian Ethics, Pastoral Ministry, Exegetical Methods, Biblical Studies

Rev Lu Chen Tiong

Director of Worship and Music Program | 礼拜与音乐系主任 - Rev. Dr. Lu Chen Tiong 卢臻长牧师博士
B. C. M. (AILM, Philippines) M. Div. (TTCS, Taiwan) M. Th. (SEAGST) D. Th. (SEAGST); Areas: Church Music, Worship, Wesleyan Hymns, Choral Conducting, Choir, Global Music

Rev. Samuel Law Ning Seng

Chaplain | 院牧 - Rev. Samuel Law Ning Seng 刘宜汛牧师
B. E&E Engineering (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Au) M. Div. (TTC, Singapore) M. Theology (TTC, Singapore); Areas: OT Testament

Rev Thomas Lau Sie Ngiu

Director of Wesley Centre | 卫斯理神学研究中心主任 - Rev. Thomas Lau Sie Ngiu 刘世尧牧师
B. D. (MTS, Malaysia) MATS (Asbury, USA) Ph. D. Student (NTC & UoM, UK) 

Rev Hoo Sing Hang

Director of Religion & Culture Centre | 宗教与文化中心主任 - Rev. Hoo Sing Hang 胡新汉牧师
B. Sc. (Hons) (USM, Malaysia) M. Div. (CGST, Hong Kong) M. Th. (TTC, Singapore); Areas: Old Testament, Greek

Rev. Elizabeth Enjut

Rev. Dr. Wong Teck Suk 黄德淑牧师博士 
B. Th. (STS, Malaysia) M. Div. (SAAT, Indonesia) M. Th. (SAAT, Indonesia) D. Min. (MGST, Taiwan) D. Miss, Student (CES, Taiwan); Areas: Christian Theology, Missiology

Rev. Ningkan Suring

Rev. Ningkan Suring
L. Th. (MTS, Malaysia) B. Th. (STS, Malaysia) M. Div. II (STS, Malaysia) 

Rev. Lembai ak Banyang

Rev. Lembai ak Banyang
B. Th. (MTS, Malaysia) 

Ms Cecilia Ting

Miss Cecilia Ting Ik Huong 陈亦煌讲师
B. Mus. (UNT, USA) M. Mus. (SWBTS, USA); Areas: Piano, Harmony, Conducting, Children's Music Ministry, Church Music History

Ms Irene Lai

Miss Irene Lai Dhing Dhing 赖婷婷讲师
B. A. R. (TTCS, Taiwan) M. S. M. (SMU, USA); Areas: Western Music History, Piano, Music Theory, SSET, Conducting, Harmony, Form Analysis