And we proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, that we may present every man complete in Christ. And for this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. (Colossians 1:28-29)

我们传扬祂,是用诸般的智慧,劝戒各人,教导各人,要把各人在基督里完完全全的引到神面前。我也为此劳苦,照着祂在我里面运用的大能,尽心竭力。 (歌罗西书 1:28-29)

Nya alai kami nusui pasal Kristus ngagai semua mensia. Kami ngelalau sereta ngajar genap iku orang, ngena semua penemu ti dalam, ngambika ulih mai genap iku orang ngagai Allah Taala lalu tau cukup mansang besaum enggau Kristus. Ngambika utai nya dikerja, aku gawa enggau bendar, ngena pengering enggau kuasa ti datai ari Kristus, ti endang bisi dalam aku. (Kolosi 1:28-29)

2006 CNY Celebration Dinner | 华人新年庆祝晚餐


A CNY Celebration Dinner was held at Kingwood Hotel, Sibu, on 13 January 2006, organized by Grace Construction Enterprise.


卫神诗班:我在这里 | MTS Choir: Here Am I

Lyrics/Music: Nolan Williams
作词/作曲:Nolan Williams

1. God has no hands but those that strive to mend. The broken hearts of wounded kin, God has no feet but those that stride to win. Another soul to enter in!
2. God has no eyes but those alert to see. Someone distressed, some soul in need, God has no voice unless we yield to be. A vessel willed to boldly sing!
3. God's call is now for us to build and keep. The living Church, Christ's Bride to be. So we must work the work and sow the seeds. And trust God's promises to reap!


2006 China Hokkien Nanping Church Visits | 中国福建省南平市基督教会拜访


The China Hokkien Nanping Church visited us on 7 January 2006 (Saturday) as one stop of their East Malaysia visitation trip.


2006 Update on Rev. Khoo Ho Peng | 邱和平牧师的近况

Taken on an autumn evening in front of the seminary.
Taken on an autumn evening in front of the seminary.

Rev. Khoo
In His time, he makes everything possible and beautiful. I have been praying for a natural birth but Jonathan was "somersaulting".


2006 Principal's Theme Talk | 院长主题分享


Rev Dr Liong Yuk Chiong, the Principal's theme talk during the orientation program.

Download | 下載:
Experience God in MTS through the Word (14.9MB)


2006 1st Semester Opening Service | 第一学期开学礼


We held our 2006 1st Semester Opening Service on 3rd January 2006.


2005 Zhuo En MC Youth Visit | 卓恩堂青少年拜访


A group of youth from Zhuo En Methodist Church, Sarikei, led by Rev. Tony Chieng Tai Ming visited us on 29 December 2005.


2005 Minqing Christian Church, China Visits | 中国闽清基督教会拜访


Minqing Christian Church, China, visited us on 28 December 2005.


2005 Nyelong Park Youth Camp Visit | 新怀仁堂少年营拜访


Nyelong Park Methodist Church, Sarikei, Youth Camp, lead by Rev. Daisy Lau Lay You, visited us on 21 December 2005.


2005 Iban Youth Camp Visit | 伊班少年营来拜访


Campers from the Iban Youth Camp visited us on 7 December 2005 (Wed).



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