STMS English

2006 2nd Batch of STMS English Application

METHODIST THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL 2nd Batch Short-term Mission School, English

Short-term Mission School of the Methodist Theological School, of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Malaysia. In short, "MTS Short-term Mission School".


Chia Soh Pei: My Testimonial on STMS

Chia Soh Pei

Chia Soh Pei is one of the 2006 1st batch STMS English students.

His testimonial after joining the mission trip of the STMS.

His testimonial during his STMS English Graduation Service.


Vivian Jong: My Testimonial on STMS

Vivian Jong

Vivian Jong is one of the 2006 1st batch STMS English students. Her testimonial on her experience joining STMS.


2006 Vivian Jong on STMS English

Vivian Jong
(Faith Methodist Church)
26th January 2006

Calling to go...
I heard about this course from my youth advisor, Aunty Michelle, she encouraged me to join. I was in fact having a lot of holiday plans in mind after my Form 6. I was reluctant to join and was giving a lot of excuses. For example, there are a lot of things to bring, worry to be a loner and etc. It reminds me of how I try to avoid God’s calling like Moses. But God works in very amazing ways that everything was well planned and I just have to pack and go out of my comfort zone.


2006 1st Batch of STMS English Graduation | 第一届英文短宣结业礼


We celebrated the graduation of our first batch of STMS English students on 27th January 2006.



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