Post date: Fri, 10/02/2006 - 8:31am

Vivian Jong
(Faith Methodist Church)
26th January 2006

Calling to go...
I heard about this course from my youth advisor, Aunty Michelle, she encouraged me to join. I was in fact having a lot of holiday plans in mind after my Form 6. I was reluctant to join and was giving a lot of excuses. For example, there are a lot of things to bring, worry to be a loner and etc. It reminds me of how I try to avoid God’s calling like Moses. But God works in very amazing ways that everything was well planned and I just have to pack and go out of my comfort zone.

Intimate Relationship with Jesus...
Life in MTS was really great and I thank God for all He had supplied for me, especially a friend of Aunty Michelle whom took good care of me. Also, I bonded very close with my three other roommates on the first day I arrived. I believed that God must have arranged all this for me as I was worrying about not getting along with new friends. But most importantly this course has drawn me closer to God. I found out that what has been missing in my busy life was the intimate relationship with Jesus. I also learnt to listen to God when He speaks to us, do Evangelism in public ,Bible & Spiritual Formation, introduction to missions, Christian life & Church ministry and last but not least Choir.

Mission to Rumah Siba and Rumah Tuan 21st – 25th
During the last five days, it was the mission trip to Rumah Siba and Rumah Tuan. These two long houses were adopted and nurtured by Wesley Methodist Church for about 3 years. This mission trip was lead by our team leader Rev. Law from Miri. Our team consists of 5 members from different places. Betty Song, Chiong Chou Kui and Chuo Seng Chuan from Sarekei, Candy and I are from Kuching.

5 days 4 night in both Rumah Siba and Rumah Tuan...

We did singspiration with the people in BM and Iban language. Preaching, prayer and teaching, door to door prayer and blessing; doing social concern like hair and nails cutting and babysitting; doing children ministry like telling Bible story, craft works, games and singings.

It was very challenging first time experience for me to stay in long houses and mix around with different race. God had strengthened my faith to depend on Him. My team members and I were very united and we took care of each other well. Learning about the Iban culture and communicating with them were really tough.

Over these few days, I came to realize how fortunate I was to live a good life and to have a Bible in hand. People there were very friendly and eager to know more about God. But, they do not have a Bible. Even if they really have one, can they read? God taught me how to love and care for those who are different from me.

God taught me how to love and care for those who are different from me.

Although the place we stayed were totally different from our home, but gracious Father in Heaven led us through this five days.

There is a need for missionaries and Iban speaking pastors to such long houses.
If I have another opportunity, I pray that God will use me mightily to reach out to these people. I felt that God has blessed me with a lot of things, and how can I not do a little something to thank Him? How about you? Think about it. Remember: He leads, we follow and everything will be in good hands!

For Your Prayers...
1. Pray that these people will grow in their faith and able to overcome bondages such as : drunkenness, smoking, gambling and superstition.
2. Pray that God will rise up strong, mature, capable and spiritual leaders in these two long houses.
3. Pray that God will also rise up more Iban pastors and missionaries to take care of these long houses.