Worship & Music Events | 礼拜与音乐活动

2017/10/19崇拜与音乐系初级音乐会Worship & Music Program Junior Recital

2015 6th Graduation Recital | 第六届毕业音乐会

卫神第六届毕业音乐会于2015年正月6日3.00pm 于卫神礼堂进行。呈献的同学为王芬妮。

MTS 6th Graduation Recital was held at 3.00pm at MTS Chapel on 6th January 2015. The performing student is Wong Feng Nee.


2014 6th Graduation Recital | 第六届毕业音乐会

卫神第六届毕业音乐会于2014年10月6日7.15pm 于卫国礼堂进行。呈献的同学为陈芳恒和陈微微。

MTS 6th Graduation Recital was held at 7.15pm at Wei Kuok Hall on 6th October 2014. The performing students were Danny Ting Hong Heng and Ting Wei Wei.


2014 闵凯翊女高音独唱会


Soprano Min Kai Yi held her concert at 7.15pm at Sing Ang Methodist Church on 7th July 2014. This concert was joint organized by MTS and SCAC Board of Worship and Music.


2014 闵凯翊女高音独唱会

2013 Graduation Recital | 毕业音乐会


On 3rd October 2013, Ms Wong Song Jing, Worship and Music student, held her graduation recital at 7.15pm at MTS Chapel.


2013 Junior Recital | 音乐会


On 30th September 2013, the Worship and Music students held their junior recital at 7.30pm at MTS Chapel.


2012 Junior Recital | 演奏会


On 27th September 2012, Ms Wong Song Jing, Worship & Music student, had her Junior Recital in MTS Chapel at 7.15pm.


2011 4th Graduation Recital | 第四届毕业音乐会


MTS 4th Graduation Recital was held at 7.15pm at Wesley Methodist Church on 23rd September 2011. The performer of the night was Ms Lybia Su. The director was Mdm Doreen Teo. The pianists were Ms Cecilia Ting and Mr Thomas Ling. The supervisor was Rev Lu Chen Tiong.


2011 Dr Christina Long | 隆爱真博士

隆爱真博士于2011年7月9日早上于卫神礼堂主讲“How to Excel in Learning Piano”和“Practical Survival Skills for Church Pianist”。她也于当天下午教导钢琴大师班。于7月11日7.15pm,隆博士于卫国礼堂进行钢琴演奏会。

Dr Christina Long talked on "How to Excel in Learning Piano" and "Practical Survival Skills for Church Pianist" on 9th July 2011 morning at MTS Chapel. On the same afternoon, she taught a piano masterclass. At 7.15pm on 11th July 2011, Dr Loong also held her piano concert at Wei Kuok Hall.



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