2009 Pastor Ian and Lyn McNickle

  • Posted on: 19 May 2009
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Pastor Ian and Lyn McNickle, from Stratford Baptist Church, New Zealand, visited us on 18th May 2009. They were Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) in Taiwan from 1968-1985, 1999-2000. They were also former co-ordinators of PWCM from 1989-1999. They have established Hamilton Mandarin Church, New Zealand, in 1996. From 2001 till now (2009), they serve as Baptist pastors.


2009 MATS Press Release

  • Posted on: 15 May 2009
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The Malaysian Association of Theological Schools (MATS; 马来西亚神学院校协会) was formed in 1998 with a three-fold mission: 1. Promote co-operation among theological institutions in Malaysia; 2. Enhance the spiritual and academic standards of the institutions concerned; 3. Strengthen the bond of relationship within the theological fraternity for the benefit of the Christian movement in the country and beyond.

The 1st Biennial General Meeting (BGM) of MATS was held on April 12, 1999 in Penang’s Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary.


2009 第四届大专短宣学校学员公布

  • Posted on: 4 April 2009
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  • 学生将收到接收信。(根据学生的英文姓名排名。)
  • 姓名 教会
    周素菁Chiew Shu Ching, Christine 主恩堂(母堂: 诗巫西教区恩道堂)
    蒋瑞琪Chiong Swee Kee 主恩堂(母堂: 古晋教区晋光堂)
    邱丽香Kiu Leh Hiong, Christina 三马拉汉卫理中心(母堂: 诗巫东教区天恩堂)
    邱欣平Kiu Ping Ping 槟城世纪花园卫理公会(母堂: 民丹莪教区明元堂)
    江美琪Kong Mei Chee 三马拉汉卫理中心(母堂: 诗巫SIB生命堂)
    李采苹Lee Chai Ping, Anne 主恩堂(母堂: 诗巫东教区锡安堂)
    林振典Ling Zing Tieng

    2009 Contract Signing Ceremony for MTS New Hostel Buildings

    • Posted on: 30 March 2009
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    The Contract Signing Ceremony for MTS New Hostel Buildings was held on 25th March 2009 at 9.30am in MTS Chapel. The representatives for MTS were Rev Dr Su Chii Ann (MTS Board Chairman), Rev Steward Damat (MTS Board Vice-Chairman) and Mr John Ting Siik Kang (MTS Building Committee Chairman). The contractor is Wong Kah Teck & Sons Construction Sdn Bhd.